Touched By The Light
Touched By the Light: Book Two
Kristine G. Johnson
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By Kristine Gay Johnson
By Kristine Gay Johnson
By Karen H. Murphy, RN, TTP, HTP
This is Kristine's first divinely inspired book. Enjoy a broad explanation of the hidden world expertly revealed in lyrical ways. Let the words guide your imagination into new personal realms.

A rich collection of shared personal experiences as well as useful practical techniques demonstrate how to live each day with full awareness and appreciation. Thought provoking words touch the heart and relax the stress that can invade our days.

Readers at all levels on their spiritual path have enthusiastically received and benefited from its message. Additionally, it can serve as a beginner’s handbook into the subtle metaphysical elements that underlie our world.
The sub-title of this book is "True Stories About Angels, an Open Heart Nurse and Subtle Energy Therapies."

Karen continues her chronicles by sharing many unique and true stores about everyday people. There are stories of angels in the hospital, amazing healings using energy therapies, and a myriad of supernatural events experienced while working in open-heart surgery.

Are you willing to consider any and all possibilities? Then indulge in the comfort, warmth and inspiration of Book Two as Karen helps you come to know how easily and naturally we can all be Touched By The Light.
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Dance With the Stars: A Personal Journey to Spirituality
The We Factor: The Mechanics of Living Spirit
“The We Factor” takes you on an experiential journey through your daily life events. You are gently reminded how you naturally function through your two distinct facets: your Human and Spirit sides. Through willingly recognizing this dichotomy, we can enter a way of being that consciously embraces both aspects. This joining brings us into a new sense of aliveness.

Such topics as Nature, Relationships, Ego’s Control, Communication, Guidance, Peer Pressure and Sensing Energy are among the areas explored. Answers to the questions that arise come in such a grounded, tactile way that they can be easily received.

The appendix that examines Feelings and Emotions can lead you through a shift to a more positive frame of mind.